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 Changzhou super tong machinery co., LTD., founded in August 2007, the main production of veneered hot-pressing machine, widely used in wood processing, building materials, decoration and other industries. Suitable for particle board, medium density fiberboard, melamine impregnated paper cover processing and high density of three alumina aggrandizement floor wear-resisting paper cover processing, varieties have 4 * 8 '9 feet, 5, 4 * * 8 feet, 8 * 8 feet all kinds of double cover hot-pressing machine, such as multilayer press, press line and jointing machine and other equipment.

This company produces the YX type hot press adopts frame type structure, configuration quickly into the plate trolley and automatic chuck out the car. Electrical system USES Germany Siemens PLC, Taiwan nylon touch screen, Japan's mitsubishi inverter control, has the long-term stable operation, easy to use, long maintenance cycle, improve the production efficiency, easy maintenance, etc.
According to customer requirements and with high precision PID temperature control system and speed up the effect of thermal conductivity have to secondary circulating device, quick nitrogen pressure and water cooling, air cooling device, and multilayer board the car, board face dust suction machine, seismic lifting platform, hydraulic automatic transplanting stacking in and out of the plate and the automatic edge of complete sets of equipment. And form a complete set of various specifications of the stainless steel template and cushion and so on, to provide sincere service to our customers.

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